About Us

Sumo Elevator is a group of four ex-metalheads with short hair mixing prog-rock/metal, electronica jazz and break-beat into intense atmospheric electro-fusion pop rock. There's no name for their genre, which is part of Sumo Elevator's charm.

The guys implement the DIY approach in their work, taking care of all management/production/recording/video editing needs on their own.

Their eclectic line-up consists of traditional rock/jazz instruments (electric guitar, bass and acoustic drums) and noise boxes, samplers and modern synthesizers.

Band Members

Alex Furman
Synthesizers & Sound Effects
Oleg Shumski
Yan Gleyzer
Yevgeny Kushnir
Artiom Lichtenstein
Past members:
Pavel Poltyrev – bass guitar
Mark Lekhovitser – bass guitar


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